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We are currently accepting Central Coast Alliance for Health (Medi-Cal). Central Coast Alliance for Health has contracted with Beacon Health Services. Beacon helps Medi-Cal members access local mental health services. If you have Central Coast Alliance for Health (Medi-Cal), you can start working with one of our available therapists immediately: prior authorization is not necessary. However, we strongly recommend calling Beacon Health Strategies at (855) 765-9700 to let them know you want to commence outpatient services and complete a brief assessment with a Beacon screener. We are adding new insurance coverage plans as soon as possible so please inquire to see if your plan is accepted.
Insurance Policies
SVCC will bill your insurance company for your sessions. If, for any reason, the insurance company either denies the claim, or only pays part of the claim, you are responsible for the balance owed for the session.
SVCC will attempt to confirm eligibility for each client prior to start of therapy, determining any deductible that must be met prior to payment of claims submitted, and any copay the client owes. If the insurance company denies coverage, it is the responsibility of the client to pay for those sessions.
The deducible and co-payment are set by the insurance company. This is part of your insurance contract. If you have not met your annual deductible prior to the start of therapy, you will be responsible for the entire fee until the deductible is met.
All copays must be paid at each session. Since SVCC submits bills to insurance, no statements will be sent to the client directly. It is the therapist’s responsibility to receive and record payment of copays.
Insurance companies do not pay for missed sessions or session canceled with less than 24 hours notice. If a client misses a session or does not call to cancel or reschedule with at least 24 hours notice, the client will be responsible for the entire fee.