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Scotts Valley Counseling Center


Dawn Wingert

therapist: anger management, counseling, therapy, anxiety, depression, counselor, couples counseling

Contact: 831-824-4194
Dawn is a trainee, currently in her second year of classes toward her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Palo Alto University. She is passionate about creating a safe environment where her clients; individuals, families, and couples; can learn to see and reach toward their true potential. Dawn’s approach is integrative, calling on Cognitive-Behavioral and Family Systems Theory, using a strength-based approach.

She has a strong desire to see families interact in a positive way. Dawn enjoys working directly with adolescents who are in need of someone they feel safe opening up to as they navigate their transition into young adulthood. She also has a desire to work with parents as they move through the various transitions of parenting.

Dawn also wants to assist persons struggling with medical issues, including injuries or chronic illness, that have taken them out of their expected life routines.

Cell: (831) 824-4194