Our Counseling Center is conveniently located in Scotts Valley to serve the populations of Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. If you live in the following areas, you are only a short drive away:

Mailing Address

Scotts Valley Counseling Center
5523 Scotts Valley Dr, Suite 108
Scotts Valley CA 95066
Center Phone
(831) 706-6962


Julie Carboni, LMFT
Phone: 408-568-6476
Dee Marx-Kelly, LMFT
Phone: 408-489-8666


Heather Franks, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 435-6316
Natalie Hanneman, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 204-8067
Megan Hougardy, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 515-8216
Angie Holleman, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 332-0383
Samantha Lyon, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 200-3459
Rachel Martin, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 854-7460
AimeƩ Molina, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 471-5172
Rebecca Schultheis, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 250-6962
Dawn Wingert, MFT Intern
Phone: (831) 824-4194

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Scotts Valley Counseling Center
A non-profit company

5523 Scotts Valley Dr, Suite 108
Scotts Valley CA 95066
P: (831) 706-6962